About Blogs

Blogs all seem to have some common, unstated precepts:

  1. The blogger is interesting.
  2. The blogger knows everything better than the reader.
  3. The blogger has better tastes than the reader.

These go unstated primarily because they make bloggers seem like total pricks.

About Zackapalooza

Zackapalooza is a classy-times blog about…something.  I’m not really sure yet.  Why is it so pretentious?  Aren’t all blogs pretentious?  I thought we went over this above.  I’m just being up-front about the pretentiousness here.

About Zachary

Zachary is in college, but only until he gets that call from the Disney Channel telling him he’s officially old enough to play a 13-year-old.  If that fails, he’s going to get a tan, drop out, and become a Bollywood star.


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