The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a darn good video game.  The best video game, some would even say. 1 For such a good game, though, it has a lot 2 of flaws.  I’m going to count them down from order of least lame to most lame.

5. The Golden Goddesses Story

How many times do you have to hear this thing?  Okay, only like twice, but when you’ve played Ocarina of Time multiple times it just becomes a tedious–and unskippable–cutscene.  I guess the real flaw here is the unskippability of cutscenes, but this is the only real cinematic one that you’d ever care to skip. And this one (well, two different ones that are almost the same) plays twice, once being told by the Deku tree and once by Princess Zelda.

4. Hey! Listen!

Honestly, I’m solely putting this one here because I couldn’t not include it.  Is Navi really that bad?  I think I’m just blinded by nostalgic love.

3. The Hylian Loach

I totally caught this once.  And so did that guy your friend in middle school knew. 3  Why is it lame?  Because it’s freaking insane to catch.  I love the fishing mini-game as much as the next guy (read: a whole, whole lot), but the amount of hours you have to pour into this stupid fish really is not worth it.

2. Selling the Bunny Hood

Holy crap this man took forever to find.  Not only does he run away from you constantly, he’s also terribly creepy and tends to run right past those freaking Peahats, which are like large rapist peaches that fly around and will. not. die.  Honestly, you’d have better luck getting the loach than finding this guy.  And when you do find him, he’s creepy.

1. Getting the Sun’s Song

Really, Zelda? Really?!  4


  1. Not me.  I don’t even think it’s the best Zelda game.  But that’s another story for another time and/or the comments section.
  2. Actually very few.
  3. No but really, I did catch it.  I got the sinking lure and everything.  Yes, this is a real thing.
  4. You may notice, at this point, that I left off the Water Temple.  You know why?  Because the Water Temple is awesome.  Actually, the Water Temple was a total fail but it had Shadow Link, the hands-down best mini-boss in this game.


  1. I have never played Zelda. Can we still be friends, please?

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